David Hall Music

Instrument Care and Repair

Woodwind and Brass Expertise

When you have invested a lifetime in your instrument, it should be maintained & repaired by someone who shares your passion for instruments and music.  

David Hall is a professional technician who truly understands the benefits of a finely tuned instrument.  David has undergone extensive professional-level training with master technicians such as Morrie Backun and David Straubinger.  ​David is a Straubinger System certified technician.  

You can take comfort in the fact that he never compromises on his work and will take the time to do the job right the first time.  For the job to be done right, the right tools must be used.  In David’s shop, you will find the same highly specialized and customized tools and equipment found only in the best professional repair facilities. 

​Russell Harlow, Ray Smith, Greg & Jerry Floor, David Halliday, and Nancy Toone are just a few of the top musicians in the Western States who rely on David.  They never compromise on their instruments, or on the technician who maintains them. 

David Hall shares your passion for beautiful music, great instruments, and the craftsmanship that go into making both.  In fact, David may be the only other person as passionate about your instrument as you.